(Updated, August 3rd) PropTech Congress at BMP PropTech Area, October 25-26th, Barcelona

As part of the PropTech area dedicated to new technologies and innovative real estate business models, that will be held at the 22nd edition of the Barcelona Meeting Point Real Estate Exhibition (www.bmpsa.com/en), La Salle Technova (the technological innovation park www.technovabarcelona.org) and Fomenti (a corporate real estate consultancy firm www.awfomenti.com) are managing the PropTech Congress Program, a set of conferences that complements the PropTech Startups event, which both entities are in charge at the Exhibition too.


At the PropTech Congress, professional visitors will be able to attend conferences and roundtables with some of the most outstanding experts and specialists in the field of new technologies applied to the real estate sector (residential and commercial). 


Tentatively, the program shall include five different sessions, which will be held on October 25th and 26th in the conference room adjacent to the exhibition area for Startups and PropTech companies:


  1. Real State Fintech: Emerging financial services in Real Estate sector. New sources of investment are emerging different from traditional Investors and Venture Capital. This area is focused on innovative solutions for alternative investment and financing in Real Estate like Crowfounding, MotgageTech, InsurTech. 
  2. Smart Building, Housing and Cities: Advanced technologies are facilitating to manage and operate cities and buildings more efficiently as well as providing smart services for citizens and homes. Cities are becoming platforms for innovation and knowledge, this category included all these innovations.
  3. ConTech & Business Management: Industrialized Construction and Energy Efficiency (BIM) and new ways of construction like printing 3D are included in this category.
  4. Listing & search and Marketplace: Technologies like big data are facilitating the decision-making process in Real Estate property exchange. Also, new technologies and peer-to-peer networks facilitate emergent business models based on community exchanges. New ways of living and working like co-working, co-living, co-sharing, etc. All the solutions linked with this innovation are in this category.
  5. Near Future: This category includes new trends and innovations in the Real Estate sector that are opening the door to new models and impacting disruptively in the sector.

Currently, an intense pre-selection of speakers and participants in the different roundtables is being carried out, from among renowned international and Spanish specialists of PropTech and representatives of the startups and companies that the visitors will be able to find in the area of Proptech of the Exhibition.


If you wish to take part in this pre-selection, you can contact the PropTech Congress managers right HERE, before August 15th 


UPDATE (August 3rd): See program HERE (redirected to BMP website)