PropTech Business Development

FOMENTI's PropTech area carries out its own initiatives and others for its clients and partners in order to promote the growth of PropTech's ventures and developments, Technological companies, Real Estate companies and Investors in PropTech.


We are a G-LOCAL initiative, as we operate globally from Barcelona (Spain), one of the 5 main European cities in the StartUp ecosystem. 


We operate in a global real estate market valued at $217 trillion (2015). Meanwhile, the volume of investment in PropTech was $2.69 billion (2016),..., and rising.

PropTech Companies

For PropTech companies in the Start Up or Scale Up phase, the FOMENTI's ProTech area:

  • Facilitates analysis of their business model and proposals for improvement.
  • It carries out actions oriented to the organic growth of their business (increase in Clients and turnover with them).
  • It proposes agreements, alliances and partnerships with third parties in pursuit of business synergies and cross-selling of services/products. 
  • It promotes corporate development, attracting talent and training of their employees and suppliers.
  • Increase the visibility of their business by participating in PropTech events and activities in which FOMENTI participates.
  • Facilitates qualified access to financial resources from third parties (investors, technology and real estate companies).

Real Estate Companies

For Real Estate Brokers, Real Estate Developers, Landlords Groups, Hotel Managers, Real Estate Advisors, Architects and Building Engineers,..., the PropTech area of FOMENTI:

  • It carries out functional and business audits oriented to the elaboration of proposals for digital transformation of business units of its traditional business.
  • Identifies PropTech companies or initiatives whose business model can bring synergies to the activities of their traditional business and establishes commercial or collaborative agreements.
  • Develops corporate digitalization and digital transformation projects of the company (such as the Venture Builder and Sponsoring programs)
  • Designs and conducts training workshops about Real Estate Technology for the Company staff and managers.
  • It manages and incorporates digital talent in PropTech to the Company.

Tech Companies

For those technology companies that wish to develop or implement a line of business or activity in PropTech or want to increase their commercial ties with PropTech companies or Real Estate companies, the PropTech area of FOMENTI facilitates:

  • Analysis on the application of different technologies to the real estate sector.
  • Identification of potential clients or collaborators and establishment of agreements.
  • Promotion of their own technological developments among Real Estate and the Technological company.
  • Corporate project management for the development of PropTech initiatives (such as the Venture Builder and Sponsoring programs)
  • Participation in joint projects with the PropTech area of FOMENTI for the development of PropTech solutions.
  • Increase the visibility of their business by participating in PropTech events and activities in which FOMENTI participates.

Investors. Strategy and Investment

For Private and Institutional Investors, based on a deep knowledge of the International Real Estate sector, FOMENTI's PropTech area facilitates:

  • Qualified access to PropTech companies, from any sector and at any stage of development (Seed, StartUp, Growth, Expansion and Maturity) in multiple countries.
  • Due diligence of PropTech companies and management of directed acquisition processes or financial participation in PropTech companies (scouting and scoring).
  • We organize presentation events for PropTech companies and initiatives (Demo Day, #Investor Meeting).
  • We create Venture Building projects and PropTech initiative accelerators.
  • We promote collective investment vehicles (fund or crowdfunding) in PropTech.